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My All – Jessica Sanchez Song Lyrics
I'LL GIVE MY ALL DIR! ♥ love+life ♥


it makes me sad when im feeling angry to someone and i need you with me because i know you’ll be there but im wrong, coz you leave me hanging here and be okay all by myself.. sad thing coz i thought you don’t realize it. Do i expect too much from you? paulit-ulit na kse.. nakakalungkot na.


Missing school really depresses me.. I’m really tired of getting hurt.. I’m feeling so much pain in my heart but I don’t know how to spell it out.. I’m getting tired of feeling rejected even sometimes I don’t. I just don’t what this life wants me.. But I’m tired. I don’t know what else to think for me to be feeling ok.. But when I try to be okay, I get teary eyed and cry out loud.. The only one I know who listen to me is good.. I know someday he heals me.. I know he knows every pain I feel, I know he understands me and he will never judge me.. I’m holding on to you don’t leave me hanging here…


Honestly, I don’t want to think this but I don’t why it’s coming to my mind… someday I’ll know what was this but now I used to believe in you.. I hope you’ll never regret me. I’ve never been in this deep relationship with somebody.. Yeah I chose to be close with them, but I never share almost my life with them. So please don’t regret me now.. You could just simply stay away from me if you don’t love me at all.. I’ll understand that and i assure you one day when i see you I’ll thank you for that.

Seriously, I don’t know why I’m this emotional tonight.. I just feel you don’t love me at all. Pls people get tired.. I don’t want to, but when my feelings do I have nothing to do with that… don’t let me go until I’m here… until I LOVE YOU and until I’m believing in true love.